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How to Unstake

Go to https://staking.bonfida.org/ and connect your wallet
Remember to connect with the same wallet address you staked with
Switch to the Unstake toggle
Refer to the top right-hand corner for an indication of when your staking period ends and therefore when you will be able to unstake. The unstake button will only be active when the period ends
You can only unstake when you have exceeded your staking period

Claiming Rewards

Staking rewards are derived from the staking contract. Stakers will earn a portion (%) of the daily network transaction fees that are generated from all the network protocols. See the Buy & Burn program for more information
An inverse relationship exists between the duration tokens are staked and when earned rewards become claimable
For example: If tokens are locked for a minimum period of 1 year, earned rewards will become claimable by the wallet holder in 8 months
If the tokens are locked for a maximum period of 3 years, earned rewards will become claimable on the day they are earned. Whether rewards are earned on a day depends on the Buy & Burn
Connect your wallet and toggle to Unstake. There are two different sections "Rewards earned" & "Rewards claimable". Your earned rewards will become claimable depending on the length of your staking period. All earned rewards will become claimable at a certain stage - once they are, the Claim button will be active