What are Bonfida Bots?

A Bonfida Bot is a basket of tokens controlled by a smart contract that follows a strategy provided by a Signal Provider.

How do I deposit tokens in a pool?

Users can deposit tokens into a pool by using the UI or using the Javascript SDK. Tokens need to be deposited in proportions that match the proportion of tokens in the pool. In return for depositing tokens, users receive pool tokens that represent proof of the deposit.

How do I withdraw from a pool?

At any time, owners of pool tokens can withdraw from a pool. When withdrawing, people will receive the tokens contained in the pool in proportion to the pool tokens they owned.

What are fees?

Fees are set by the signal provider at the time of the pool creation. Therefore, all pools have different fee structures. Make sure to check the fees before entering a pool.

How do I send signals?

Signals are on-chain transactions sent by the signal provider either manually using a UI or via command lines using the Javascript SDK.

How do I collect fees?

When creating a pool, signal providers define a fee period and a fee ratio. The fee period is the time interval between each fee collection and the fee ratio is the ratio of the pool that will be collected each period. To collect fees signal providers can either use the UI or invoke the collectFees method of the Javascript SDK.

How do I create a pool?

Creating a pool is permissionless, this can be done from the UI or using the Javascript SDK by invoking the createPool method.

Does my strategy have to be on-chain?

Your strategy can be running on-chain or off-chain, the only thing that is necessarily on-chain is the signal i.e the output from your strategy. This means you do not have to expose your alpha.

Can people front-run my strategy?

If you decide to expose your strategy on-chain yes there is a risk of front running, however, if you decide to keep your strategy off-chain there is no risk of front running.

Where do I find developer resources?

Developer resources can be found here.

I am not a technical person, can I still send signals?

Yes, it’s possible! Signals can be sent using the UI.