Community Help Center

Customize Your Profile

Update your profile picture

Click on the add image icon and select your desired picture to change it

Display your domain name

Click on Display domain name
Select your favorite domain name from the ones you own
Go back to your profile page and your domain name will be on display

Display your NFTs

Click on Gallery
Select NFTs to display in your gallery

Share Jabber to your contacts

Select Share and notify your contacts that you are using Jabber

Change your messaging fee

Configure your profile to get SOL per message received
You are required to have a positive SOL balance for this function
Click on Messaging Fee, enter the amount of SOL the sender has to pay to message you and select Confirm

Update your bio

Click Bio to add information to update your bio section

Deposit SOL via FTX Pay

You can directly add SOL to your Jabber account via FTX Pay. Select Deposit SOL via FTX Pay and you will be directed to either login into your account or create one. Once logged in you can fund your Jabber account with SOL.

Buy a Domain via Jabber

Select Buy a Domain to be redirected to Bonfida's Naming Service page to purchase a domain