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Bonfida DAO

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) can be considered as the governing body of projects. A DAO is collectively owned and managed by its members, which in Bonfida’s case are the gFIDA holders. It is a democratized organization where community members carry the responsibility to submit and vote for any changes to be implemented in the project. It is at its purest form of community involvement.

gFIDA and Participation in the DAO

In order to participate in Bonfida’s DAO, users need to hold the governance token, gFIDA.
  • Stake your $FIDA here
  • Earn yields & gFIDA
  • Get larger yields & more gFIDA the longer you stake
Read more about staking here

gFIDA Advantages

  • Proposal Submissions
  • Voting Rights

DAO parameters

  1. 1.
    Submit a proposal on Bonfida’s Discord
  2. 2.
    Maximum voting time: 7 days
  3. 3.
    Vote approval threshold: 33% of gFIDA supply