How to Become a Certified Seller on the Solana Name Service
We are excited to showcase our dedicated domain name owners/sellers on our platform.
The team has been working hard to enable a way to add legitimacy to sellers who form a part of our loyal community.
Therefore, we have decided to verify sellers that meet certain standards and we have also added a filter that allows you to only search for domain names by these sellers.
Loyal/legitimate users now have the opportunity to apply to be certified with a badge on our UI.This is a label that validates the quality of your domain names across the Solana Name Service (SNS). This will assure buyers of the calibre and standard you uphold of SNS overall.
Of course, with everything there are some rules to uphold.
To be eligible for verification:
  1. 1.
    You cannot have any suspicious domain names; these include:
  • Multiple domain names with improper Zero Width Joiners (ZWJ).
  • Domain names cannot include profanities, racist and homophobic slurs or anything that would fall under this spectrum. This evaluation will be up to the discretion of the team.
2. You would have to own a reasonable amount of domain names. Reasonable would be considered to be 10 or above. Be assured, this is not done in a discriminatory practice, but more so to ascertain that the user applying is in fact a serious seller. This is often indicated by a user owning numerous domain names.
3. You would have to have your Twitter handle linked to the wallet address associated with the domain names you own. Ultimately, registering your Twitter handle would add an extra layer of security, as a way to not mislead our buyers/users.
To apply for verification:
Post your seller's profile link in the category “” on the forum. Thus, the team and community can evaluate the standard of your domains collaboratively.
The “SELLER PROFILE” link can be obtained in two ways.
  1. 1.
    Click on a domain that you are auctioning. The “SELLER PROFILE” link will be available as shown below. Copy and paste it in the “Verification Application” category in a new thread on our forum and await confirmation of your application.
2. Click on one of your fixed price listings. Open the “FIXED PRICE” dropdown and select seller profile.
Copy and paste the link in the “Verification Application” category in a new thread on our forum and await confirmation of your application.
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