Auctioned Domain Names
Some domain names may be available but are being resold via an auction. You can bid on any auction that is ongoing.
For this example, we will be using the domain johnnysolana.sol
You can search for domains being auctioned by selecting the "Auction" category from "Browse domains"
Or if you search for a domain name directly at it is being auctioned, it will show up like this
On this screen, you can see the remaining duration of the auction & the current top bid
Select "Place bid" and you will be displayed a modal showing the required minimum bid. You can only bid more than the suggested amount, not less
Choose your desired bid amount (you can customize it) and click "Place bid"
Make sure your wallet is connected. You are required to have both $FIDA to buy the domain and SOL to cover the transaction fees
If you place a bid in the last 10 minutes of an auction, the auction time will be extended by another 10 minutes. This is to ensure fairness and prevent last-minute domain sniping

Manage your auctions

Winning Bid

When placing a bid on a domain, there is always a chance that you may get outbid. To ensure that you remain the highest bidder, you can check your profile page under "Offers"
Under "Offers" you can manage your bids placed
Under "Bids placed" you can see our bid for johnnysolana.sol, this indicates that you are still the highest bidder on the domain

Claim your domain

If you remain the highest bidder till the end of the auction, you will have the option to claim your domain
You HAVE to claim your domain for it to be linked to your wallet address and therefore send and receive funds with your domain name
Failing to claim your domain, WILL result in a loss of funds if you are transacting with an unclaimed domain, EVEN if you have won the auction
Once you have claimed your domain and approved the transaction you will be able to find your domain under "Collections" on your profile page

Losing Bid

It is very likely that you may be outbid in an auction. If this happens, it'll be indicated on your profile page as follows. "Cancel" allows you to cancel your previous bid and get a refund
You can ONLY cancel your bid if you have been outbid. If you are still the highest bidder, you cannot cancel your bid
Once you have canceled your previous bid and as a result been refunded, you can replace your bid on the same domain, however, it will have to be higher. To do this, you can follow the steps above
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