Fixed Price Purchase
A fixed price resell, is a domain that is listed for a fixed amount with no predetermined duration. So, unlike an auction, the listing will not expire unless the domain is purchased and/or the seller cancels their listing. Essentially, this domain is listed for a "Buy Now" price.
For this example, we will be using the domain kingkaz.sol
You can search for fixed price listings via the filter "Fixed Price resell" under "Browse domains"
If the domain is listed for a fixed price, you will have the option to "Add to cart"
The purchase price and currency are displayed under the domain name
Once you have added the domain to your cart you can either continue shopping to batch purchases or "Continue to cart"
In your cart, you can either complete multiple purchases at once or just for the current domain of interest. If you are ready to proceed with your purchase you can "Checkout"
Only purchases for fixed price resells and unregistered domains can be batched. You can batch as many domains as you like
For this example, we will only be purchasing kingkaz.sol
You will be required to choose your favorite wallet and confirm the payment details. If you are satisfied, "Complete Purchase" and confirm the wallet transactions
Remember to have the currency the domain is listed in as well as SOL to cover the transaction fees
The domain name/s will automatically be linked to the wallet address signing the transaction/s. Thus, you can immediately start using your domain after purchase
You have just purchased a domain via a fixed price resell
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