Make an Offer
A more passive way to obtain a domain is by making an unsolicited offer. This means that the domain is not up for sale, but you can make an unasked offer to tempt the owner to sell their domain.
For this example, we will be using the domain 1995.sol
If a domain name is not being resold it will appear like this. You can either opt for other great alternatives or "Make an offer" on the domain
If you decide to make an offer on the domain, you can decide on the amount and currency of your liking. The higher the offer, the more likely the owner will accept it. Once you have decided select "Submit offer" and approve the wallet transactions
Once you make the offer, your funds will be moved to an escrow account until either the owner accepts your offer or you decide to cancel your offer
If the owner accepts your offer the domain will automatically be transferred to you. If you cancel your offer, you will automatically be refunded

Manage your offers

You are able to manage your offers on your profile page under "Offers made". If you decide you would like to cancel your offer you can do it here
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