Cross-Chain Domain (Experimental)

A tutorial on how to bridge your .sol domain name to another chain via our Wormhole integration

Building a cross-chain name service is an unprecedented innovation in the blockchain space. This allows users to transact using a single domain name across multiple chains, simplifying transactions and enhancing user experience. The long-term vision is to have a universally accepted domain name that can be used everywhere, fostering greater interoperability and interconnectedness among chains part of the Wormhole bridge

There are two methods of bridging a domain, (1) bridging a domain from Solana and (2) registering domain names directly on a non-Solana chain

SNS currently supports bridging to both Injective and BNB

Domains can only be registered on Solana and Injective for now

Bridging your domain

In the instance where you already own a domain and want to bridge it, or if register a domain on a non-Solana chain is not available, you will follow this approach

Both BNB and Injective are supported for this method

To bridge your domain to a non-Solana chain, connect your wallet and view your profile. Click on "View domain" for the .sol you want to bridge

Select the Wormhole icon and enter the address of the corresponding chain you want to bridge to. In this example we are using Injective

To bridge your domain, it cannot be wrapped/tokenized. If it is, you need to unwrap it first

After you have successfully added your bridging address you will be asked to verify ownership of that address

Click the Next button and copy the message indicated. Navigate over to the Etherscan link in step 1. Once there, select the Sign Message button indicated below.

You will be prompted to connect your wallet. Connect the EVM wallet address associated with your Injective address. Then paste the message you copied on

Sign the message and copy the Signature Hash indicated below

Hop back over your tab, go to step 3 and paste the hash. Select next to complete the transaction. When completed you have officially bridged your domain. To double-check you can drop the record section of the domain and have a look at the INJ record

Bridging your domain will only cost a fee in SOL

You can delete and edit the INJ record at anytime

Registering on Injective

This method will be used to register a domain directly on a non-Solana chain and therefore, automatically bridge your newly bought domain

Only Injective is supported for this method

If you already have a .sol domain and want to bridge it to Injective you can follow the same steps outline outlined in Bridging your domain

Visit (an Injective native site) and connect your Injective-compatible wallet

Search for your desired domain or select from the alternative suggestions. When you are happy with your choice, select Register and complete the transactions

All payments are made in $INJ, you do not need any $SOL

Bear in mind the transaction may take longer than usual. The transaction is traveling to Solana and back to Injective

Once your domain is successfully registered on Injective it has automatically been bridged. You can now use your domain in wallets (Leap Wallet is supported) like you do on Solana. You can find your domain by clicking on your wallet address in the top right-hand corner

Change resolving address

On the you can change the domain's resolving address. This means you are changing the funds' receiving address but not the domain's owner. The owner of the domain can change the resolving address at any time again

Open the modal in the top right-hand corner, click the Edit button and insert the new receiving address - then complete the transaction

Use this function if you want to send your domain to cold storage

Transfer domain

Transferring a domain to another Injective address would change the owner of the domain. Click Addr. , enter the new owner's address and complete the transaction

Domain name transfers are irreversible

Send to Solana

If you want to send your domain to Solana you would select the Sol. button. Enter your Solana wallet address and confirm the transaction. After a successful transfer to Solana, you can visit and connect with the Solana wallet you transferred it to to find your domain. This domain will now function as any .sol domain

Once a domain is transferred you can bridge it to Injective using the steps outlined in Bridging your domain

If any transaction fails, go to your profile in the top right-hand corner and select the Resume transaction modal to continue

Bridged domain use cases

The read-onlymeans that you can only transact with your .sol domain name i.e when it is bridged you can use your .sol to send and receive funds instead of your non-Solana address where integrated

Fox Wallet and Gem Wallet support transfers via .sol domains on BNB. Leap Wallet supports transfers on Injective

Injective explorer supports searching with .sol domain names

More chains to come soon

Handling Fees

Bridging a domain costs more in gas than a normal transaction. Hold at least 0.1 SOL in your wallet to ensure the transactions are successful

The additional fees can come from:

  • Record allocation cost (if does not already exist)

  • Wormhole message allocation account cost

  • Wormhole fee

  • Cranking fee

  • Normal base transaction fee

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