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Manage Your Profile

Select your favorite domain

Some users have multiple domain names but only one they frequently use to transact or display their Web 3.0 identity
Setting a single domain as your favorite domain will signal to other projects and users what your most frequently used domain is. Thus, making it easier for developers to set a default domain name that will automatically display on all SNS integrated platforms.
To set your favorite domain go to your profile page and "View" the domain you want to set as your favorite
This profile already has a favorite domain selected, for this tutorial we will be changing it
If you have not selected a favorite domain before, your wallet address would show instead of a domain name
Select the "Set as favorite domain" icon
"Confirm" the domain as your favorite and approve wallet transactions
Once transactions are confirmed you will see your favorite domain displayed here
You may be required to refresh the page to see your newly chosen favorite domain

Change your profile picture

Go to your profile page by selecting "View profile"
You need to have a favorite domain set to be able to change your profile picture
Profile pictures and favorite domain names are linked. So, when you change your favorite domain you will have to set a new profile picture. When you change your favorite domain back to your previous choice, the profile picture chosen for that domain will reappear
On your profile page, you will see a profile picture icon with an edit button next to your public key and/or favorite domain name selected
When clicking on it you will be prompted to enter an image URL
You can get an image URL by searching for it on an image on any browser, right-clicking on the image, and selecting "Copy image address"
Paste the image URL in the designated space and "Update" your profile picture
The preview picture will display if you have a correct image URL
Your new profile picture should have been updated and displayed as below

Bookmark domains on your profile

This feature allows you to bookmark domains that you like on the marketplace. In this manner, you can check the status of these domain names easily on your profile page at a later stage
Go to the marketplace at https://naming.bonfida.org/#/auctions
Click on the bookmark icon and it will turn white to indicate that it has been marked
Bookmarking domains are completely free of charge
You can find bookmarked domains under "Bookmarked" on your profile page