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P2P Trading

Users can use this guide to trade .sol domains peer-to-peer

Initiate a P2P Trade

  1. 1.
    Go to https://naming.bonfida.org and connect your wallet. Proceed to "View profile"
  1. 2.
    On your profile select the P2P Trade button and enter the wallet address or domain name of the person you want to initiate a trade offer with
  1. 3.
    Next, choose the domains you want from your counterparty. You can opt to either just trade domains or increase the offer by opting for your counterparty to add SOL to the trade. In this example, I want to receive both 👨‍🌾 .sol and 0,01 SOL for the trade
You can only trade a maximum of 10 domains in a single trade
Trades can be both just domains and/or a domain/SOL combination
  1. 4.
    Now select the domains you are willing to trade with your counterparty. Once again, you can make your offer more enticing by adding some SOL to your domain trade. In this example I am only willing to trade brody.sol with no additional SOL
  1. 5.
    After constructing the deal, a trade summary will be presented to you. First, you can decide whether you would like the offer to expire after a certain timeframe - choose a date and time from the calendar. At the bottom of the summary you will see the service fee which is charged to the trade initiator. If you are happy, click "Confirm"
You do not have to set an expiration on the trade
  1. 6.
    Confirm the popup window from your wallet and you have successfully initiated a P2P trade. You can copy the trade link to share with your peer
  1. 7.
    On your profile page under the "Offers" tab you will be able to view your trade offer. Here you are also able to "Cancel" the offer and your service fees will be returned to you
When you initiate a P2P offer your domain (and SOL, if added) is transferred to an escrow account. Your domain will automatically be sent to the counterparty if the trade is accepted. If you decide to cancel the trade your domain as well as the service fees will be sent back to your wallet address
You can trade both native and NFT domains. NFT domains are unwrapped in the background and sent. In this case, if any funds were still to be stuck it will be recovered and returned to the user

P2P Trading Fees

All peer-to-peer trading fees are paid by the trade initiator
If it is a domain-only trade (without SOL) a flat fee of 0.02 SOL will be charged
If the trade includes SOL you will be charged a fee that is the largest between the flat fee of 0.02 SOL or 5% of the SOL included in the trade
For example:
  • If you or the counterparty opts to add 1 SOL along with the domain names traded, the trade initiator will pay 0.05 SOL (5% of 1 SOL) instead of 0.02 SOL
  • If you or the counterparty opts to add 0.01 SOL to a trade, the trade initiator will pay the flat fee of 0.02 SOL
The service fee will be indicated to the trade initiator before the trade is confirmed

Accepting a P2P Trade

  1. 1.
    To see if you have a P2P trade offer, go to https://naming.bonfida.org, connect your wallet, select "View profile" and navigate to the "Offers" tab
  1. 2.
    If a trade has been initiated with you, you will be able to see it at the bottom of the "Offers" tab page. You can view a trade summary by clicking on the eye icon. Here you can either accept the trade or reject it by selecting "No, thanks". Alternatively, you can make a counter offer on the trade to make it more valuable by selecting New Offer
If you make a counter offer, you will become the trade initiator and charged the service fees of the trade