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Direct Registration

An unregistered domain is one that has never been owned by anyone before.
Search for the domain name you want. In this example I have used "bonfidavailable.sol" and this domain appears to be unregistered
Select "Add to cart" and if this is all the shopping you want to do, you can continue by clicking "Continue to cart"
You can add as many domains to your cart as you like and batch the purchase
This cart only has one domain in it. If you are ready to proceed with your purchase you can select "Checkout"
Alternatively, if you would like to edit your domain storage size, click "Edit" and change it to your desired size

Domain Storage Size

The storage size will determine the maximum amount of data you can store on your domain.
The data stored in the Solana account can be words, images, IPFS CIDs, Arweave hashes, etc.
1kb is enough for non-advanced users (using .sol domains for transactions)
10kb is suggested for advanced users (to resolve to an IPFS hosted website)
The cost for different storage sizes is variable and is displayed live on the dialog. Learn more about rent https://docs.solana.com/implemented-proposals/rent
Upon checkout, you will be prompted to select your (1) favorite wallet, (2) the token which you want to pay with & (3) to review that all your purchase details are in order
After selecting "Complete Purchase", approve the transaction(s) by your wallet, and voila the domain is yours
You can have an infinite amount of domains registered to one wallet address
Charges for domain names are once-off, that is, you will have NO further payments to keep your domain. The once-off charges for immediate domain name registration are as follows:
  • 1 character .sol names: $750 USD
  • 2 character .sol names: $700 USD
  • 3 character .sol names: $640 USD
  • 4 character .sol names: $160 USD
  • 5+ character .sol names: $20 USD
The charges above will be the USD equivalent of your token of choice