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Auction Your Domain

One way of reselling your domain name is using the auction system. Visit your profile page on https://naming.bonfida.org/ by selecting the icon next to your wallet address
For this example, we will auction kingkaz.sol
Click on "View" of the domain you would like to auction and then select "Sell domain"
The method we want to sell our domain with is "Auction". Once selected you will be prompted to enter the minimum bid amount for your domain as well as the date and time the auction will end
You cannot change the minimum bid amount and/or the duration of the auction after you have put your domain up for auction, unless you cancel it
Tick that you understand the terms and conditions and then "List domain". Your domain is now up for auction
Domain names can only be auctioned in $FIDA
Listing your domain for an auction will only cost a gas fee in SOL
Proceeds of the auction will be transferred to the seller after the auction is finished and the domain claimed by the buyer
Once your domain is listed it is transferred to an escrow account. As a result, funds transferring to that particular domain WILL result in a loss of funds. Bonfida will not be held liable in any shape, way, or form

Auction Fee Tier Information

Your wallet must contain a FIDA-associated token account, containing the relevant amount of tokens to benefit. This fee structure will give you discounts on the fees charged for resells.
Please note this is not the transaction value
Fee tier
Requirements FIDA
>10 FIDA
>100 FIDA
>500 FIDA
>1,000 FIDA

Manage your auctions

You can manage your auctions via your profile page under "Listings" & "Auctions"

Cancel your auction

Auctions can only be canceled if no one has placed a bid on the auctioned domain
Canceling your auction will cost ~0.1 SOL

Reclaim your domain

If no one bids on your auction and the duration lapsed you have to reclaim it to have it connected to your wallet again. This can be done on your profile page under "Listings" & "Auctions" too
If you do not reclaim your domain after an auction, it'll still belong to the auction program. Thus, transacting with that particular domain will result in a loss of funds. Bonfida will not be held responsible