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Resolving Websites with SNS

Deploy Your SNS+IPFS Website on 4EVERLAND in 3 Minutes
4EVERLAND Hosting service supports SNS+IPFS and offers a dedicated gateway 4sol.xyz for all SNS owners
To deploy your website on IPFS and associate your domain name, follow the steps below

Video tutorial for 4EVERLAND set up

Written tutorial for 4EVERLAND set up

Step 1: Log in to 4EVERLAND
There is no KYC policy on 4EVERLAND, you can directly connect your Phantom wallet
Only Phantom wallet is supported by 4EVERLAND
Step 2: Create a new project
4EVERLAND provides each new user with 4G free storage and 100G free bandwidth which allows you to deploy your website on IPFS
If you are already a 4EVERLAND user and have previously deployed with them, please start with Step 4
Step 3: Deploy your website on IPFS
4EVERLAND Hosting offers two deployment methods:
  1. 1.
    Using GitHub code repository
  2. 2.
    Or using 4EVERLAND Command line (@4everland/cli)
You can find a detailed deployment tutorial here https://docs.hosting.4everland.org/guide/#_4everland
Once you have followed the tutorial and successfully deployed your site, 4EVERLAND will automatically pin it to the IPFS site. You can view IPFS Hash in the "Build log" and browse the IPFS-based websites via Opera, Brave or other IPFS compatible browsers by visiting ipfs://[IPFS Hash]
Step 4: Select a project to append your domain name
After the deployment, you can directly add your domain name in the project's detail
If you have multiple projects, you can select one to add your .sol domain name in the “Domains” section
Step 5: Manage your domains
You can add or remove your domain. You can also copy the deployed site’s CID
Step 6: Verify your domain
Click the “Set Content Hash” button to append the website’s CID to your .sol domain name. Once it is confirmed, you need to pay some gas to sync the transaction
In this process, you need to verify the attribution of the domain name through your Phantom wallet
After successfully binding your website CID with your .sol domain name. You can access your DWeb directly by appending 4sol.xyz to your .sol domain name without installing any plug-ins or changing the configuration
Your DWeb domain name: alice.4sol.xyz

Resolving Website Tips

IPNS: InterPlanetary Name System

4EVERLAND provides IPNS service for domain name owners. That means there is no need to update the IPFS hash of the SNS every time you update the website.
At the same time, 4EVERLAND Hosting service supports Deploy Hooks function, allowing you to complete the automatic update of DWeb under the domain only by updating the authorized repo code. This will significantly reduce development costs and workload, while also improving efficiency.

The gateway: 4sol.xyz

4EVERLAND is managing the gateway of 4sol.xyz. You can access CID from your domain by simply appending 4sol.xyz to your .sol domain name.
This gateway service is for all SNS users, but it provides different services depending on whether you deploy through 4EVERLAND. If you deploy your SNS+IPFS site with 4EVERLAND Hosting service, your DWeb will enjoy IPFS and global acceleration service provided by 4EVERLAND which is extensible to meet your requirements for DWeb access performance.
If you deploy your site on IPFS and set your SNS content via other platforms, 4EVERLAND will make your DWeb accessible through ipfs.io, the public gateway of IPFS.