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Solana Name Service Resolver

Browse SNS websites directly from your favorite browser

Resolve your SNS website

Go to your profile page and select "View" of the domain you'd like to resolve
In this example, we'll be using bonfida.sol
Select the record section of your domain
The resolver supports (1) URLs (2) IPFS CIDs & (3) Arweave hashes. Choose what you would like to resolve and enter it accordingly. Here we used a URL
The format of the records is as follows:
  1. 1.
    IPFS: ipfs://<CID> (e.g ipfs://QmZk9uh2mqmXJFKu2Hq7kFRh93pA8GDpSZ6ReNqubfRKKQ)
  2. 2.
    ARWV: arwv://<HASH> (e.g arwv://KuB5jmew87_M2flH9f6ZpB9jlDv8hZSHPrmGUY8KqEk)
  3. 3.
    url: With the following format url_to_your_website (e.g https://bonfida.org)
If you have more than one record set, the resolver will prioritize the url section first, then IPFS and lastly ARWV
Once your record section is set, you can browse SNS websites in the format of yourdomainname.sol-domain.org. In this example, it would be bonfida.sol-domain.org and it'll resolve to https://bonfida.org

Brave Example

Brave's integration allows you to resolve domain names natively. This means no gateway or extension is needed - just your .sol domain name in the URL tab
Follow the steps above and edit either the URL or IPFS record section of the domain. Sign the transaction and you are good to go
Go to Brave Browser and type your .sol just as it is in the URL tab and watch your website resolve