Community Help Center

Send a Message

Select the message icon below
Here you can send a New direct message, a New group message and/or Join a Group
To send a New direct message enter the .sol domain name of the recipient and click Search
Enter your message and click the send icon
To send a New group message you either need to Join a group and/or Create a group
To join a group you need the address of the group chat
The owner of the group has to send the address
You will be able to see all previous messages or groups that you have joined
Joining a group will cost gas fees
To create a group enter the group name, SOL cost per message and fee address if required
Click Create group once all the details are correct
To get other users to join the group you would have to circulate the group address. You can copy this from the group info page
On the info page, you can customize the group settings - such as the profile picture, who is allowed to message, whether media is allowed, and so forth
Group messages are not encrypted
Fee Collection Address is where the pool of fees collected are sent to
You can monetize yourself with the SOL per message option
Make sure you have enough SOL to create a group and send messages