Records are your gateway to opening up the identity layer of .sol domain names. Our management of staleness and right of association is one of the best among decentralized domain names - which allows you to seamlessly build the bridge between your web2 and web3 identities

Staleness: This ensures that the content of the record is set by the current owner of the domain. If a record is set by Bob and sold to Alice, the record content becomes stale and invalid

Right of Association: This prevents impersonation. Right of association guarantees that the record content is owned by the domain. For instance for the ETH record, this guarantees that the domain owner is the legitimate owner of the ETH address written in the record

Your best way to manage your records and identity is through our product branch SNS Manager. This is currently available on Backpack and on Solana Mobile. Alternatively, you can manage records for any of the domains you own on

Set your records so people can find you, dapps can integrate them into profiles and enable you the best profiling experience

Setting a record

View a domain you want to set a record(s) for and dropdown the "Records" section

Select the edit icon of the record you wish to add. Once added and the transactions are signed you'll see a badge saying the record has been signed by the owner

In this example, we'll use a record that does not require right of association verification

When you sell or transfer this domain the record will no longer be set by the current owner. Hence the record would be marked as stale (see the warning sign). This means dApps cannot aggregate this information and the new user can just delete and/or set a new record

ETH records & RoA

With right of association, we prevent impersonation. For example, with an ETH record, we want to ensure the .sol owner is the legitimate owner of the ETH address

Right of Association is only supported for certain records at this time

Verifying your ETH address RoA allows your peers and dApps to have confidence that you own the ETH address set

The verification for this record is unique but simple.

Enter your ETH record, click on the verify button and you'll be prompted to follow a step-by-step guide to verify your record

Here's a video tutorial to sort you out

Once the domain is transferred or sold, these records will once again be marked as stale and the right of association not be verified

SOL records

Records V2 supports Ledger for SOL records. The intention for this is to be able to store your domain safely but still use it on-chain as usual

To start, I'd first transfer my domain to my Ledger wallet and then connect with Ledger to the site

Once connected edit the SOL record to a hot wallet address that you would like to receive funds to

In the second image, you will see that the "Record content is not verified". For you to receive funds to that address, that pubkey would need to sign to accept it (assuming that you would want to receive to your own address this is pretty simple)

Now, use the SOL record address (that is the address you entered in the SOL record) to connect to

Search for the domain name and dropdown "Records"

Once there, you will see a button to verify the record. The only address that will see this "verify" button is the one set in the SOL record. Given that this address signs it, you will see both badges verified

This means you can now store your domain in Ledger while receiving funds to your .sol to another address

Once the domain is transferred this record will become stale

URL/CNAME records

Your .sol domain can resolve to a DNS domain via URL or CNAME record. This can be done natively on the Brave browser, or through a proxy service called

Proof of Ownership

Verifying ownership of your URL record is optional, and can't be done if, for instance, you'd like to set the record as your X (Twitter) profile link or other social media profile

The CNAME record requires proof of ownership verification, so it can only be set to a DNS domain controlled by you

The verification process is the same for both URL and CNAME records

To verify ownership of a DNS domain, go to your DNS provider and access your domain's settings. You'd need to enable DNSSEC then (1) add a TXT record with the name "_sns" and (2) set the value as "a=pubkey". The pubkey is the wallet address holding your .sol domain

For example a=G55C3SFzrCKe1GkUq2MrYxBmRMkRVPiTNiA7f3Wyxuah

Now, you can head on over to the Records section of your SNS domain to add these domains to your URL or CNAME records

These records will be marked as stale if you transfer your domain to a new owner

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