FAQ - Tokenomics

Where can I review the tokenomics of FIDA?

You can read the Bonfida White Paper (Page 4) for our tokenomics.

When does FIDA begin unlocking?

December 31st 2021

Is there a dashboard where I can view up to date analytics?

You can view our dashboard at bonfida.com

What is the Buy & Burn Program?

The Buy & Burn is a program where fees are collected and used to purchase the token. After the purchase has occurred the tokens bought will be burnt. This is where they are removed from the circulating supply.
For Bonfida, an example is transactional fees where it receives 20% of that revenue from Serum. That 20% is put towards the monthly Buy & Burn.

When does the Buy & Burn normally occur?

This occurs at the end of every month.
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