Creating an SPL Token
Added 11.6


SPL wallet - suggested
Solana (SOL) for transaction fees

Creating New Token

1.Visit SPL-Token-UI
2.To create your token you will first need to create a new token.
  • Toggle ‘Derive Public Key From External Wallet’ for both Mint and Freeze Authority.
    • This will generate the needed data from your wallet.
3. Click ‘Create New Token’ and ‘Approve’ the transaction in your browser.

Minting Supply

  1. 1.
    Go to accounts and select ‘Create Account.’
2. With the ‘Token Mint Address’ created from Module - One copy that into the text field.
3. In the ‘Account Owner’ field, click ‘Derive Public Key From External Wallet.’
4. Click ‘Create New Account’ and approve the transaction.
5. Go to ‘Edit Account.’
6. For the ‘Destination Account' you can obtain this from your wallet. This is will be the metadata address for the token created.
7. For the amount to be minted please insert the amount in the following format.
  • Tokens - 2 = 200. Remember the amount of decimals you inserted in the previous section. This would determine the amount of decimals for the token created.
8. Approve transaction, now tokens should appear in your wallet.
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