Bid on a domain

To see and search for all current auctions visit

Ending auctions

By default the page will display all the auctions that end in the next 6 hours. However, if you are looking for domains that contain certain keywords you can use the search function to fetch all the auctions containing the keywords

You will be able to interact with the auctions by bidding or canceling your bid.

Your auctions

Int the tab My Bids you can see all the auctions in which you are participating. You can cancel your bid by clicking on the domain name, and cancel in the new page.

cancel bid in the new page

After winning an auction you will have to claim the domain name by clicking on Claim

When claiming a domain name you will have to select the storage size of the Solana account

Bids placed in the last 10 minutes of an auction will extend the auction. For instance, if there is 9 minutes left, a new bid will add 1min, if there is 6 minutes left, a new bid will add 4 minutes etc...

To prevent abuse, auction winners cannot cancel their bid. For instance, if you are bidding 25 USDC and you are the highest bid you cannot cancel it. If you are bidding 24 USDC and the highest bid is 25 USDC you can cancel it

To prevent abuse, new bids need to be 5% higher than the current winning bid