Selling domain names

Domain names can be sold in two different ways:

  • Trustless auction system

  • Peer to peer

Trustless auctions

Domain names can be sold using an auction system. The owner of the domain can decide:

  • The minimum bid

  • The duration of the auction

Search for your domain or go to My Domains section and click on the Sell domain button, read the description and click on Next

Select the minimum bid and date at which you want the auction to end.

Confirm the details of the auction, click Confirm and then approve the transaction

Bids are in USDC

You will not be able to extend the duration of the auction or change the minimum bid once the auction is created.

After creating an auction you will not be able to cancel it or get your domain back if someone successfully bids on it.

Proceeds of the auction will be transferred to the seller after the auction is finished and the domain claimed by the buyer

Fee tier

Fee tier








>10 FIDA



>100 FIDA



>500 FIDA



>1,000 FIDA

FIDA tokens need to be held in an associated token account when the domain name is claimed by the buyer. Learn more about it here

If you start an auction and nobody bids on it you will be able to reclaim it after the end of the auction.

Peer to peer

If you own a domain you can sell the domain peer to peer by using the Transfer functionality to transfer the ownership to a third party.

This method requires the buyer and the seller to trust each other

This method is not recommended

You make your own independent decisions to participate and to engage in peer to peer transactions and are entirely and completely responsible for any consequential loss