The Bonfida Wolfpack 🐺

The Bonfida Wolfpack is a program that aims to reward our most loyal and committed members of our community.

Each month the wolves in the wolfpack will compete to complete monthly tasks. The tasks range from promoting Bonfida by creating usable content and completing assigned tasks from the community noticeboard.

Each month, Bonfida will assign specific tasks, and reward community members who earn the highest points with FIDA tokens. Through Wolfpack, Bonfida wants to build strong bonds with community members, and grow together with each regional community.


Participants will be rewarded in $USDC amount of $FIDA.

(Total USDC - $700 worth of FIDA)













Registration Form:


  • Must have either a .SOL domain name or a Twitter handle registered.

  • You must complete the registration form and be approved by the team.

The Task Board:

At the beginning of each month there will be new tasks posted on the Wolfpack Task Board on our public Discord. Wolves are required to complete tasks that are posted on the Task Board, at the completion of each task a team member will approve and reward points to the Bonfida Wolf.

The Wolfpack Task Board consists of tasks that range from community engagement to trading related tasks. An example of the tasks can be found below.

Points will be allocated to tasks each month. Points will vary.

Community Engagement: (Examples)


  • Create one video

  • Design one infographic

  • Write one piece article or blog post


  • Network with a KOL from a region.

  • Have your created content reach an audience greater than 10,000 individuals.


  • Translate designated material into a required language.

    • Video

    • Design

    • Article

Trading Related: (Examples)

  • Have your Twitter handle or .SOL domain name appear in the top 24HR trades - Receive x points. - proportional to your trade volume.

  • Automate one strategy on Bonfida Bots and make sure run it for at least a month - Receive x points

Other: (Examples)

  • Set up a cranking node - Receive x points

  • Provide valuable suggestions to the team and receive x points.

Work Standards:

All work completed by Wolves in the Wolfpack are subject to standards that are implemented by the Team at Bonfida.

Points for the completed task will only be awarded for work that is consistent and upholds quality standards.

Work that fails to meet standards and is misleading will not be awarded points.

Want to discuss with the team more about joining the Wolfpack?

Get in touch with us on our Discord:

FIDA is not offered within the United States or prohibited jurisdiction.