Solana Name Service (SNS) is a group of experts in cryptocurrencies, analytics and engineering. Our expertise and focus are largely based on growing blockchain technology by enhancing the world of decentralized identities. Through our accumulated experience we have come to realize that a core component of identity whether on or off-chain is your name. That’s where the journey of the SNS began.

As advocates of web3, these names should be owned and controlled by you and their data to be distributed in a privacy-preserving way to authenticate reputations. Establishing web3 reputations, and similarly web2 reputations, requires a brand, familiarity, or some sort of likeness. With that said, we have carefully been developing SNS (decentralized naming) to allow you to create secure, pseudo-anonymous identities while still enabling people to form those positions of influence on-chain.

Although the DeFi phenomenon has seen great success there’s still a lot to achieve. For it to remain long-lasting and ground-breaking we need to work on mass adoption. We believe this is possible by finding a comfortable bridge from the web we know today and then ensuring ease of use when the bridge is crossed. Our product offers both.




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