Welcome to the Solana Name Service (SNS). SNS has a simple mission of providing a decentralized and affordable way to map domain names (represented as .sol) to on-chain data. Where on-chain data can be anything from a Solana (SOL) address to IPFS CID, images, text, and more.

One of the clear benefits of the name service is a human-readable name that maps to a SOL address. Essentially, it creates an identity for users on-chain and is most commonly known to facilitate crypto payments.

SNS is much more than this though. Naming is a convention that we are all used to. You dial your contacts and do not type in a phone number every time. We talk about things and people by referring to their names; Solana and blockchains for that matter shouldn't be any different.

SNS strives to be more than just your everyday domain name provider, we're building infrastructure to bring web3 personalities to life, nevertheless, make them the preference. Solana has the technology and we have the dedicated team to first and foremost humanize the blockchain and then continue expanding the possibilities of decentralized domain names.

Learn more about what we have to offer throughout the guide.


In order to prevent scammers, it was decided to add a safeguard mechanism by preserving some domains for people who might be at risk of being impersonated.

These domains will appear as “RESERVED BY BONFIDA”

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