Community Help Center

Community Help Center

The Community Help Center was built by the community for the community with the goal of helping you learn and understand the various products and services offered by Bonfida.
After reading our comprehensive documentation and if you are seeking further assistance please get in touch on one of the following platforms:
Telegram: English
Telegram: Chinese
Telegram: Trading Chat

Community Forum

The Bonfida Community Forum is a type of self-service support to our community, where they can find resolutions to issues they are experiencing, especially from users who have already experienced it and/or are able to provide a solution.
This too allows our community members to communicate within the community and assist in building and improving the existing ecosystem.
The community forum is frequented by our developers, who will be able to assist with technical questions accordingly. It's a place to exchange knowledge, make suggestions and propose ideas and/or integrations.
Beware of impersonators/scammers on social platforms
Our administrators will never:
  • Direct message you first
  • Ask for funds
  • Ask you to validate your wallet
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