Manage Your Domains

Discover different ways to manage your domain portfolio

1. Favorite domain

Setting a single domain as your favorite one will signal to other projects and users what your most frequently used domain is. Thus, making it easier for developers to set a default domain name that will automatically display on all SNS-integrated platforms

Set your favorite domain on your profile page by clicking "View" on your preferred domain. Select the favorite domain icon

If you have not selected a favorite domain before, your wallet address will show instead of a domain name

"Confirm" the domain as your favorite and approve wallet transaction. Once the transaction is confirmed you will see your favorite domain displayed here

You can change your favorite domain at any time by repeating this process

2. Create subdomains

A subdomain is a subset of your parent domain name. You can create an infinite number of subdomains per parent domain. Use these subdomains for fund transferring, distribute (transfer) them amongst your friends and/or help organize and navigate to different sections of your parent domain

Visit your profile page and select "View" of the domain you would like to create a subdomain for. Click on the "Create subdomain" icon of the domain you chose

Enter the subdomain you would like to create. Click create and approve the wallet transaction. Once approved, you will be able to view your subdomain/s under "Subdomains" of your domain or collection

Creating a subdomain will only cost a gas fee in SOL

By default the size of the subdomains is set to 2 kB

3. Transfer domains

If you own a domain you can transfer the domain peer to peer by using the "Transfer" function. This is also useful when you want to move your domain to a different wallet. Click on the "Transfer" button and enter the wallet address to which you want to transfer it to

Domain name transfers are irreversible

4. Wrap your domain

Domain names can be tokenized (create an NFT) and redeemed to reveal the real domain name at any time. This process is called wrapping (tokenizing) and unwrapping (redeeming) a domain name

When users wrap their domain name:

  1. The domain name is transferred to an escrow account

  2. And the smart contract creates an NFT that is transferred to the user in return

  3. When the NFT is unwrapped again, the program will burn the NFT and return the domain name to the owner

Users can wrap and unwrap their domain names a limitless number of times

Metaplex does not support NFTs with names with more than 32 UTF-8 characters. Therefore domain names over a certain length cannot be wrapped

Domains mixing several languages & domains with uncertified unicodes cannot be wrapped into an NFT

Wrapping your domain as an NFT means a few things:

  1. Funds transferring is complicated depending on the wallet you are using

  2. You cannot edit the content of your domain

  3. You cannot transfer your domain

You would need to unwrap your domain on our website to retrieve your actual domain with all its use cases

If funds are mistakenly sent to an NFT domain, these will be recovered when unwrapping the domain again

Funds will be recovered by the last user who unwraps the domain. This means if you had funds sent to your NFT domain, unwrap it first to recover your funds, before selling it as an NFT again

This function is mostly used to list your domain on an NFT marketplace. View your domains, select the wrap button and confirm the transactions. If you have wrapped your domain name you can find it under "NFTs" in your collection on your profile page

When you wrap a domain into an NFT for the first time the initial cost will total ~0.01719SOL which covers metadata account creation, the Metaplex fee and gas cost

Subsequent wrapping will cost 0.00204 SOL which is the cost of having a token account to hold the NFT

At any time a domain is unwrapped, the 0.00204 SOL will be returned to the user unwrapping the domain as the token account will be closed

You can unwrap your domain name on your profile page. Under "Collection" select "NFTs". Here you can either unwrap all of your domains at once as displayed below

You can unwrap your domain at any time

5. Edit the details of your domain

Your domain name details serve as your bio for that specific domain. If you are a keen seller enter your email or X handle. Changing your "bio" is simple. View the domain of your choice, drop details, edit the content and sign the transaction

All users will be able to see the content of your domain

You can delete and/or change the content of your domain at any time

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