Manage Your Profile

1. Get notified

Turn on notifications for offers received and those accepted by clicking on the bell icon on Sign the verification method and enter either or both your phone number as well as your email address. Then select what you want to receive notifications for.
If you enter your email you will have to verify it

2. Beta feature

The Beta toggle is your friend for testing new features on the site. By toggling this on you will always have the latest beta and experimental features live
Click on the profile button to reveal the toggle

3. Auto-suggest

The auto-suggest toggle has it in the name. When you toggle this on in your profile it will automatically suggest .sol domain names similar to your search

4. Change your profile picture

Add a profile picture for your domain name so partner dapps can aggregate this information when integrating SNS
Got to your profile and click on the edit profile picture icon then simply add an image URL
You need to have a favorite domain set to be able to change your profile picture
Profile pictures and favorite domain names are linked. So, when you change your favorite domain you will have to set a new profile picture. When you change your favorite domain back to your previous choice, the profile picture chosen for that domain will reappear
You can get an image URL by searching for it on an image on any browser, right-clicking on the image, and selecting "Copy image address"

5. Bookmark domains

This feature allows you to bookmark domains that you like on the marketplace. In this manner, you can check the status of these domain names easily on your profile page at a later stage
Click on the bookmark icon and it will turn white to indicate that it has been marked. You can find bookmarked domains under "Bookmarked" on your profile page
Bookmarking domains are completely free of charge