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Certified Sellers

Legitimate users can apply to become a certified sellers denoted with a badge on our UI. This is a label that validates the quality of your domain name holdings across the Solana Name Service. It serves to assure buyers of the caliber and standard you uphold of SNS overall
You can search for certified sellers via "Community" https://naming.bonfida.org/#/community under "Certified Sellers" and browse their domains
All certified sellers are denoted with a badge next to their pubkey/favorite domain

Become a certified seller


a) You cannot have any suspicious domain names; these include:
  • Multiple domain names with improper Zero Width Joiners (ZWJ)
  • Domain names cannot include profanities, racist and homophobic slurs or anything that would fall under this spectrum. This evaluation will be up to the discretion of the team
b) You would have to own at least 10 domains. This ensures the user applying is in fact a serious seller
c) You need to have your Twitter handle linked to the wallet address you want to be certified

Apply for verification

To apply just post your profile page link in the "Certified Sellers Application" channel on the Discord. In this manner, the team and community can evaluate the standard of your domains collaboratively
You can get your profile page link by visiting your profile and copying the link