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Searching for Domain Names

To search for a .sol domain name visit https://naming.bonfida.org/
Domain names are only available in lowercase
You can either search for a domain directly from the homepage or by selecting "Browse domains" which takes you to the marketplace
You can filter through domains according to the price range your prefer
Alternatively, you can search for domains by our “Certified sellers” Select "Community" in the header and then "Certified sellers" to browse through their collections
When searching for domain names, omit the .sol at the end of the name. That is, search "bonfida" instead of "bonfida.sol"
When searching for domain names there are 3 possible outcomes:
  1. 1.
    The domain is available and unregistered
For this option, you can directly register your domain names for a fixed price based on character length
2. The domain is available and is being auctioned or listed at a fixed price
If the domain is being auctioned, you can place a bid and if listed you can buy it for the fixed price proposed
3. The domain is already registered and is not being auctioned
This option usually indicates that the domain is not up for sale. However, users can still place an unsolicited offer to tempt the owner
If the domain name is unavailable you will be displayed other closely matched alternatives to browse through

Certified Emojis & Variation Selectors

Certain emojis or domain names can include a variation selector (unicode): U+FE0F or U+FE0E, which is used by your browser to know whether the emojis should be displayed as texts or images. However, some emojis are displayed the same as text and image. This can lead to people owning different domain names that read the same (e.g 😀 with and without a variation selector).
Grinning Face
Some people may use these unicodes to scam and mislead buyers. That is, selling a domain name that perceives to be legitimate by eye, but after inspection, prevails to be a domain with a fake version of an emoji, for example.
In an attempt to prevent users from getting scammed by these domains, the marketplace by default does not show domains with suspect unicodes, unless searched for directly.
If you think your domain name contains a legitimate unicode, but is being "blocked" by our UI, please reach out to our support channels here