On-Chain Messaging Costs
Once you have a Solana Domain Name associated with your wallet, you just need to hold an adequate amount of SOL and you are ready to start sending messages.
The only fees associated with the messaging service are transactional costs associated with processing any transaction over the blockchain.
Transactional costs start at approximately 0.0015 SOL. The total cost is determined by the total number of characters you use in your message.
Sending audio, images or video by message is cheap because the contents is uploaded on IPFS and the hash is sent by the message.
Below is a predictive table for estimating the cost of a message.
Message Length (Characters)
Transaction Fee (SOL)
100 characters
~0.002 SOL
200 characters
~0.0026 SOL
500 characters
~0.00469 SOL
1,000 characters
~0.0082 SOL
2,000 characters
~0.015 SOL
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