Place Order

How to place an order on Audaces perpetuals protocol

In order to modify an open position you need to click the EDIT POSITION button

Positions are isolated and don't share margin

Order placement is made through the order form located on the right hand side of the trading interface

To place your order you need to select the

  • Side

  • Size

  • Leverage


You can buy (long) or sell (short), to select the side use the tab system


You can enter the size both in base and quote currencies, the conversion in the equivalent amount will be made automatically

The order form also displays the maximum position you can take and the expected slippage


You can increase your leverage by using the slider

Trading on leverage involves a substantial risk of being liquidated and losing your collateral

To send your order click on BUY/LONG if you want to buy or SELL/SHORT if you want to sell and approve the transaction.